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Pitman grad Logan Wolfley flourishing at Azusa
Logan Wolfley
Logan Wolfley (3) stiff-arms a Turlock defender during the 2013 Harvest Bowl game, where he rushed for over 137 yards, including the final touchdown to secure the win for Pitman. - photo by Journal file photo

Logan Wolfley was known while at Pitman High for battling on the football field. His hard hitting tackles and aggressive style of play helped the Pride to many victories.


Wolfley took that same no-quit attitude with him to Azusa Pacific University, where he was part of a

squad that stormed through the Great Northwest Athletic Conference with a perfect 6-0 record last year and made it to the NCCAA Victory Bowl for Division II, defeating Greenville, 67-0.


“It was an awesome experience being part of a championship team and part of it all,” said Wolfley. “Coming in as a freshman, I knew it was going to be a lot different than high school ball and I knew I was going to have to work harder than I ever had before.”


Working as a defensive back, Wolfley redshirted in his first season, working as part of the 'scout team,' however, he would still constantly practice against the first team offense that essentially became a vital asset to the team's success.


Wolfley was one of the players during practice that would, on a consistent basis, push the team to reach a higher level of playing and vice versa for Wolfley.


“Redshirting this past year really helped me get the hang of things and it helped me understand the flow of college ball,” said Wolfley. “More importantly, I saw what it was going to take in order for me to see the field in the upcoming years.”


Wolfley said that one of the biggest reasons for his improvement is because of the tough competition he had to face every day.


“It helped me tremendously because I was going up against starters and guys who could potentially get drafted, every single day,” Wolfley said of former teammates like Terrell Watson and Cody Clay who are now in the NFL.


At a solid 5-foot-10, Wolfley has also had to work his body in different ways, amassing 10 extra pounds of muscle over the year, something he was not used to.


“I cut a lot of weight in high school for wrestling so this was the first year I didn't have to cut weight,” he said. “Coming in, my goals were to obviously get as big and fast as I could during the year and also to really understand my position and learn the defense as best as I could.”


He learned a lot not only on the practice field, but also in the classroom.


Wolfley kept his studies consistent and with a new regime he learned how to manage the little time he did have to juggle all the aspects of life including school and football.


As an Applied Exercise Science major, Wolfley also decided to partake in the Army ROTC program at Azusa, which he became involved in early in the year and in December he officially became a member.


“I absolutely love it,” Wolfley said. “One of my closest friends is part of the ROTC program and one day he told me that he thought I would make a great Cadet so I prayed about it and the Lord pulled me in that direction.”


With a new season right around the corner, Wolfley is looking forward to earning a spot on the roster and getting as much time on the field as he can.


“My goal has always been to be the smartest guy on the field so that things just come natural to me,” he added. “My goals for next season are to make the travel team and get as much playing time as I can. I feel a lot more prepared for this season because I know the speed of the game and I have a good understanding of how the coaches want me to play my position.”