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23 dead or dying goats found at Turlock home
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Turlock Animal Services staff not only had their hands full dealing with the annual runaway pet season last week, they also had to house 75 goats and one calf after a report of animal cruelty.

Twenty-three dead or dying young goats and dozens of livestock all housed on a half acre of land were found at a Turlock home last week after a complaint was made to Animal Control.

“We received a complaint from a citizen who had bought a goat from Craigslist,” said Animal Services supervisor Officer Glena Jackson.

Animal Control investigated the complaint filed against a man living in the 1300 block of Glenwood Avenue and found 75 goats, one calf and multiple rabbits and chickens being housed on half an acre of land, said Jackson. City ordinance allows only one livestock animal for a half acre of land.

Along with having “way too many animals on the property,” according to Jackson, Animal Control found 23 kids that were dead or appeared dying. The young goats were examined by two veterinarians and found to have a contagious disease.

The owner of the goats told Animal Control he did not have the money to pay for care for all the sick animals and that is why he had not called a veterinarian. The diseased kids were euthanized and the remaining goats and one calf were transported to the Turlock Animal Shelter before being sold at auction on Monday. The owner agreed to move his chickens and rabbits to a property that was zoned for livestock, said Jackson.

A complaint of animal cruelty was forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review. No charges have been filed against the owner of the livestock as of Tuesday.