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Car careens into garage
A crashed through the front of garage door and continued through a wall on Tuesday afternoon. - photo by SABRA STAFFORD / The Journal
An accident that involved a car crashing through a garage sent an elderly woman to the hospital with minor injuries and caused a jolt of electricity to pass through a good Samaritan who came to her aid.
The 75-year-old woman had a laceration on her left arm and a couple other abrasions and was taken to a local hospital by ambulance for treatment. The man who came to her aid was also taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment of shock.
The accident happened around 2 p.m. Tuesday in the 200 block of Tuolumne Road. The woman was stopped at a stop sign at Bucknell Street, which ends at Tuolumne. She told Turlock Police Officer Devin Rush her foot must have slipped and hit the gas pedal, sending the Pontiac two-door car across the road and into the garage.
The car crashed through the front of the garage door and continued out through a wall, ending at an outer fence.
The collision sent a pile of debris down onto and around the car. Alerted by the loud noise, neighbors came running out of their homes to help the woman. One man who was helping move the debris mistakenly grabbed an exposed wire from the garage and got an electrical shock.
Both parties are expected to recover from their injuries.