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DA wants more time to investigate sexual assault allegations against restaurateur
Jura Aghassi

The arraignment for a Turlock man accused of sexually assaulting an employee at his Oakdale pizza restaurant was postponed because the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office has not filed any criminal charges against him.

Jura Aghassi, 59, was arrested in October by the Oakdale Police Department on allegations of sexual assault, which were lodged by a woman who worked for Aghassi at his now defunct Oakdale restaurant. Aghassi is the namesake of the Jura’s Pizza Parlor in Turlock, but is not the owner of that location.

The district attorney’s office requested the court delay the arraignment hearing while more investigation into the allegation is conducted. A new hearing was set for Jan. 30, 2015. Aghassi remains free on a $200,000 bail, according to court records.

On Sept, 23, a 19-year-old woman employed at Jura’s Pizza on North Yosemite Avenue in Oakdale filed a restraining order against Aghassi. In the affidavit for the restraining order, the 19-year-old claims Aghassi offered her alcohol and asked her about her breast size while in his back office. He then allegedly showed her a photo on his cell phone of bare breasts that he claimed were that of an underage co-worker’s. The 19-year-old claimed Aghassi told her he paid the girl for the photos and then put $200 on the desk and said she could have the money if she showed him her breasts.

The 19-year-old stated in the affidavit that Aghassi told her the security cameras had been turned off. He then allegedly tried to take off her shirt and put his hands down her pants.

The Oakdale Police Department received a complaint against Aghassi on Sept. 15. The 19-year-old claims Aghassi threatened her with violence for reporting the incident. She claims in her request for a restraining order that Aghassi sent her text messages that threatened her with harm if she continued to talk to the police.

A temporary restraining order was granted on Sept. 24. On Oct. 20 Aghassi was taken into custody at his Turlock home. His home was subject to a search and his cell phone was sent out for forensic analysis.