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Downtown camera catches assault of Turlock man
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Two men suspected of robbing a Turlock man in a downtown Modesto parking lot were first caught on camera and then caught by the police.
Modesto police were monitoring the downtown cameras around 2 a.m. Friday when they saw two suspects assault and rob a 23-year-old Turlock man in the parking lot at 11th and K streets.
The two suspects circled around the man and started beating on him. At one point, one of the suspects picked up the victim, held him over his shoulders and slammed him to the ground, said Modesto Police spokesman Detective Steven Stanfield.
One suspect then acted as the lookout, while the second suspect rolled the victim over and took his wallet. The suspects then fled in a nearby vehicle, Stanfield said.
The officers working the cameras alerted the units in the field and directed them to the suspects that were still in the downtown area.
Moments later officers arrived and made a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle. In the vehicle officers detained Jason Bracamonte, 22, of Modesto and Roland Sanchez, 22, of Ripon.  
Property belonging to the victim was located inside the car at the time of the stop, Stanfield said.   
The victim was treated for unknown injuries at the scene.
“This is another example of the Downtown camera system being used in assisting officers to keep the citizens safe,” said Modesto Sgt. Doug Ridenour.
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