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Phony deputy deploys phone scam
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The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents of a con man pretending to be a deputy and wheedling money out of people by claiming they face arrest for missed jury duty.

The man has been calling himself Dale Ingram, but he also could be going by other names. He has been calling people in the area and stating that he is a deputy sheriff and that a warrant has been issued for that individual for failing to respond to a jury summons.

Ingram is using a caller ID spoofing app to use an actual Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office telephone number to make his call, but he is asking people to call him back at 209-883-6202. He has gone so far in his scam as to have an automated message saying "Stanislaus County Sheriff's office warrant process and court services, please wait for the next available deputy."

Ingram is giving people the option of making a payment to avoid being arrested.

“If you receive a call from this number or person, it is a scam; please do not pay this person any money,” the sheriff’s department stated on their Facebook page.
Recently, Ingram called someone and directed them to drive to 801 11th St. in Modesto, which is the address for Stanislaus County Adult Probation. Ingram was going to have someone meet them out front of Adult Probation where they would be arrested, or they had the choice to pay the bond amount.

“Thankfully, the person hung up the phone and did not lose any money,” the sheriff’s department stated.
The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department will never solicit money from the public to get out of a warrant.

The sheriff’s department also is suggesting that people block his number to avoid any future calls.

If a person thinks they may have missed jury duty, contact the jury office at 548-6293 for official Stanislaus County Courthouse jury duty information.