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Suspect sets couple’s tent on fire

Two homeless individuals escaped serious injury after a suspect set their tent on fire Thursday in Turlock.

Both individuals — a man and a woman — sustained minor burns from the attack, with one of them requiring hospital treatment, said Turlock Police spokesman Sgt. Russ Holeman.

The suspect was known to the victims and the police have his name, but declined to release it at this time because the investigation is ongoing. The suspect is wanted for aggravated assault, Holeman said.

The incident began just after midnight Thursday when the suspect approached the couple in their tent, which was set up near the intersection of D and Third streets.

The suspect was calling the man’s name and challenging him to come out and fight, Holeman said.

When the man refused to come out, the suspect poured a flammable liquid on the tent, which quickly caught fire because a flame was being used inside the tent, Holeman said.

The man and the woman were able to make it out of the tent. The suspect had already fled the area.