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Bulldozing senior drives her way to success
Turlock Christian senior Demsina Babazadeh has earned perfect attendance and perfect grades in an effort to become successful, like her parents raised her to become. - photo by Photo Contributed
Smashing through obstacles and not taking “no” for an answer is what Turlock Christian senior Demsina Babazadeh is best known for, well, and her success as a first generation American.
Her path started on the first day of school when her parents enforced to her how important school was and led her through her first eight years of school with perfect attendance.
“If you don’t miss a day, you don’t miss a beat,” Babazadeh said.
The next five years of her perfect attendance she did all on her own because of her love for school. She is now celebrating 13 straight years of perfect attendance, all starting off with her first day of kindergarten.
From her first steps into a classroom that first day, it has led her to a dream of one day being a doctor, more specifically, a pediatric cardiologist.
“I love kids,” Babazadeh said. “When I was in sixth grade, my dad had a heart attack and since then I have wanted to be a pediatric cardiologist.”
Most of Babazadeh’s big dreams began when she was young, and many of them when she was in sixth grade. As an 11-year-old, her dreams were as big as being Associated Student Body president, which she has accomplished this year at her high school.
Her perfect attendance and her dream job are just the beginning goals she has in mind, but her journey in between is what makes her the charming person she is today.
Being taught how important education is by her parents since day one, Babazadeh contributes to her earning a perfect grade point average, receiving straight As since her first day of school — well, except for that one B in fourth grade in her physical education class, she admitted. Even with the three advanced placement classes she has been taking the past two years, her GPA remains perfect at a 4.25.
Along with her dedication to academics, Babazadeh is also extremely active in after-school activities and the Turlock community.  
She has volunteered over 1,200 hours of her time to Emanuel Medical Center, where she is currently training incoming volunteers.  Babazadeh said she loves working at the hospital, even if it’s just through volunteer work.
All of Babazadeh’s dedication and hard work, along with her desire to push herself to be the best that she can be, is leading to another goal — to be class valedictorian.
“I have wanted this for a while,” she said. “I am keeping my eye on the prize.”   
Since seventh grade, Turlock Christian Principal Kyle Fast has watched her grow. He refers to her job as ASB president as “top notch” along with her drive and high expectations for herself.
“She will succeed at all costs with consideration of others,” Fast said. “To see her succeed since seventh grade is a real treat.”
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