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Horse auction raises funds for MJC Equine Science program
MJC horse auction
Horses, like this, are trained and cared for by Modesto Junior College students through the Equine Science program. - photo by Photo courtesy of MJC

The Modesto Junior College Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Division’s horse auction held Dec. 9 raised approximately $12,000 in support of the Equine Science program at the college.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has generously supported our program through the sale. Without the community’s support, we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today,” said Julie Haynes, MJC equine science Instructor.

In August, 11 horses were donated to the MJC Equine Science program, ranging in age from two to 11 years old, which were used in the college’s Introduction to Colt Training course.  The class gave students the opportunity to train and care for these horses as if they were their own. Throughout the fall semester the students fed, trained and prepared the horses, which included Quarter Horses, Paints, Clydesdales and Thoroughbreds

“I’ve been able to get hands-on experience with medicine and be more exposed to new methods of training,” shared Stephanie Orozco, a sophomore animal science major at MJC.

In the spring the Equine Science program welcomes its first group of baby horses. The currently pregnant mares were donated to the program last year, and students have bred and cared for them in preparation for spring courses. The foals will be cared for by students in the breeding and reproduction and equine science courses offered in the spring semester.

The community is invited to watch for the foals playing in MJC’s West Campus pasture beginning in April 2018.