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Julien student teaches peers importance of respect
char counts pic
Decimas Guzman, a fourth grade student at Julien Elementary, stands alongside Principal Linda Murphy-Lopes as the Character Counts student of the month for the trait of respect. - photo by NANCY ANGEL / The Journal

February Character Counts Profile: Respect

Student Feature: Decimas Guzman, Julien Elementary School

Nominated by: Linda Murphy-Lopes, principal

Treating people with dignity and respect can build a foundation for a better tomorrow. Decimas Guzman, a fourth grade student, is well on his way to building that foundation at Julien Elementary School.

For his short 9 years of age, Decimas has already embodied the belief of treating others as you would like to be treated — with respect.

Decimas is known around the Julien campus for his smiles and excellent manners.

“I’ve seen Decimas inside campus and outside of school and he is always very respectful with his family and peers around him,” said Julien Principal Linda Murphy-Lopes.  “Whatever he’s doing he’s always that little gentlemen that’s very kind, compassionate, and very aware of his surroundings.  He’s very considerate and he’s been that way since I’ve known him.”

In addition to his cheery demeanor and excellent manners, Decimas' actions speak volumes about his character.

“I care a lot about people,” said Decimas.  “If I see a student get hurt I make sure they go to the nurse’s offices and help them with anything they need.  I know what to say to them to cheer them up.”

Murphy-Lopes noted Decimas’ perseverance and determination in the classroom as well.

“When Decimas started kindergarten he spoke no English,” said Murphy-Lopes.  “There are five levels in the English-learners and he was at the first level.  His consistency and hard work has earned him in the fourth level and one step closer of being in advanced level.  He has scored proficient in his CSTs for reading, math, and language arts.  He is not afraid to learn, in fact, he likes the challenge of learning and has a good attitude with it.”

In his free time, Decimas enjoys swimming, playing outdoors and spend quality time with his family.  His favorite subjects in school are math and physical education.  Although he’s unsure what he wants to be when he grows up, one thing is for certain, he wants a job that’s really fun, he said.

“Decimas has a big future in front of him,” said Murphy-Lopes.  “He is going to do anything he puts his mind to.”