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Turlock High School 2010 Homecoming Queen Nominees
THS Group2
Turlock High Homecoming Queen nominees pictured left to right: Danielle Johnson, Allie Agresti-Assali, Kaitlyn Ireland, Elise Cusenza, Payton Riley, Taylor Gomes, McKenzie Doo, Riley Rubins and Kaylee Shipman. - photo by Photo Contributed

Turlock High School 2010 Homecoming Queen Nominees

 Allie Agresti-AssaliParents:  Debbi Agresti and Mike AssaliActivities:  Teens in Action, FFA, Italian Club, Block T President, ASB Secretary, Track, Leadership, ROP Welding, and Christmas can tree volunteer.  Enjoys working out, wakeboarding, snow skiing and showing cows.  Elise CusenzaParents: Toni Cusenza and Joe CusenzaActivities:  THS Varsity Tennis.  Enjoys reading, listening to music and teaching tennis. 

McKenzie Doo

Parents:  Richard & Ernestynne DooActivities:  THS Varsity Cheer Squad, Student Government, Leadership, Soccer and tumbling.  Taylor GomesParents:  Gary & Noilia GomesActivities:  THS Varsity Cheer squad, dance, member of Sacred Heart Church  Kaitlyn IrelandParents:  Michael & Debbie IrelandActivities:  Varsity Girls Tennis and Soccer.  Enjoys working out, being outdoors, skiing, snowboarding, volunteers with Society for Handicapped Ski Program.  Danielle JohnsonParents:  Jill Johnson and Benjamin BurnettActivities:  THS Varsity Cheer Squad.   Payton RileyParents:  Audra & Chris Fagundes, Mike RileyActivities:  THS Varsity Cheer Squad.  Enjoys riding horses and driving lifted trucks.  Riley RubinsParents:  Candy Rubins and Randy RubinsActivities:  Relay for Life Club, Leadership, Student Body Government and Volleyball.  Kaylee ShipmanParent:  Tracy Shipman and Jeff Shipman

Activities:  FFA and dance