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Community members encouraged to serve on Turlock Police advisory board
Turlock Police
The Turlock Police Department is accepting applications from residents who wish to serve on the first-ever community advisory board (Photo contributed).

The Turlock Police Department is looking for people interested in helping the department expand the efforts of community policing by serving on an advisory board.

The advisory board will be reporting directly to the police chief with an eye towards insight and suggestions that can improve the police department's community relationships. The board will look at a variety of topics, including crime trends, new and or revised policies, community issues, event briefings, personnel complaint briefings, overview of complaint processes, input on deployment strategies, input on technology strategies, and the generation of new ideas.

"Any time the police department can gain insight from different segments of the community, it helps to ensure we are addressing the community's needs," said Turlock Police Acting Chief Miguel Pacheco. "It will also serve as a valuable tool for the community to gain a better understating of police operations and the unique challenges our staff face regularly."

The police department is hoping to seat around nine to 11 people on the board and aiming to have a board that reflects Turlock's diversity.

"We encourage people who are highly motivated, want to make a difference in the community and their police department to get involved," the department said. "We are looking for people from our culturally diverse community, local businesses, school board, academia, spiritual leaders and any other persons who want to be involved."

To qualify for the board, a person must be 21 years of age or older, pass a background check and submit a completed application with a resume attached. Additionally, prospects will have an interview with the chief. Applicants must be a resident of Turlock or represent a segment of the Turlock community "that would help to ensure a diverse board, examples include, but are not limited to: Turlock Business Owner, Turlock Latino Community Representative, Turlock African American Community Representative, TUSD School Leader, CSUS Leader, Turlock Spiritual/Clergy," the department stated.

"While this program is new, the Turlock Police Department's dedication to community involvement is not new," Pacheco said. "This is another example of our core belief that community involvement and communication is key to creating and maintaining a safe city."

The individuals selected for the board are expected to attend all meetings, whether in person or on a virtual platform. They also are expected to behave in concordance with the code of conduct and provide feedback on a regular basis. meetings will be held quarterly and members are expected to serve for two years.

The City of Turlock is currently accepting applications for the community advisory board. Applications are due Nov. 20. The advisory board will likely begin its work in 2021. For applications, visit