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Teach them young
kids recycle

Do you have kids home from school this winter break? Need an activity to keep them busy? Teach them about recycling!

You can teach your children how to recycle from a young age so they can better the environment and their future. Start with a compost bin and a recycling bin in the kitchen next to the trash can. Every time you throw something away, communicate to them why you are putting each item in a certain bin. As time goes on, start quizzing them before you throw something away by asking them “Which bin does this go in?”

You can also teach your children about using products made from recycled material. Little Green Books is a book series that teaches children about being eco-friendly, plus they are made from recycled material. Eek the Monkey has a series of videos on YouTube that teaches children what kinds of material can be recycled, and older children can also learn how to become expert recyclers by playing the online game Super Sorter designed by Keep America Beautiful at

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