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Water wasting violations
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In response to the ongoing drought, the State of California passed a number of regulations that must be implemented by local urban water agencies, including the City of Turlock. Perhaps the most well-known is the requirement to reduce water use in Turlock by 32 percent over 2013 levels. Did you know that the City is also mandated to report its water conservation-related enforcement actions to the State on a monthly basis?

In September alone, the City of Turlock issued over 650 water wasting notices. Water wasting notices are issued for a number of reasons, such as:

· Watering on the wrong day and/or hours.

· Watering landscaped areas such that excess water leaves the property/area being watered.

· Watering landscaped areas while raining and/or within 48 hours following measurable rainfall.

· Washing vehicles, boats, or equipment during restricted days/hours and/or using a hose without a positive shut-off valve.

· Hosing down driveways, sidewalks, building exteriors, streets, and/or parking lots.

· Broken sprinklers, plumbing fixtures or leaky faucets on the premises.

· Operating evaporated coolers or fountains that are not equipped with a recirculating pump.

For a first violation, all customers receive a warning notice. For subsequent water wasting violations, customers are issued fines ranging from $50 to $250. The City of Turlock does, however, allow customers to take an Online Water Conservation Workshop instead of paying their first fine of $50. The workshop is free of charge and once successfully completed, the penalty fee will be waived. The workshop can be accessed by visiting the City of Turlock’s website. Click “City Departments,” “Municipal Services,” and under the “Quick Links” box click “Online Water Conservation Course.”

For questions or additional information, contact Municipal Services at 209-668-5590. Brought to you by the City of Turlock Municipal Services Department.


Winter Watering Schedule: Effective Nov. 1 through Feb. 28, even numbered addresses can only water on Saturdays and odd numbered addresses can only water on Sundays. Watering is also prohibited between the hours of noon and 6 p.m.