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California barbecue graces Turlock
IB Carnivores
Richard and Teresa Aziz (back row, far right) stand with their crew of employees outside their new restaurant, Carnivores BBQ Sandwich Shop. - photo by Photo Contributed

Name of Business: Carnivore’s BBQ Sandwich Shop

Type of Business: Fast, casual

Hours: 10:30 to 7 p.m., seven days a week

Location: 2685 Geer Road

Contact Information: 846-4BBQ (4227)

Business Specialty: Smoked BBQ


America is home to one of the most hotly debated food items that vary in region across the states. Memphis, Texas and Kentucky style barbecue are among the reigning regional favorites, but Richard Aziz of Turlock plans to put California barbecue on the map with his new restaurant, Carnivore’s BBQ Sandwich Shop.


“I was influenced by the Santa Maria style of barbecue,” said Aziz, owner of Carnivore’s Sandwich shop. “I learned through trial and error but now I have perfected what I like to call California barbecue.”


This style of barbecue consists of smoked tri-tip from California Live Oak bark.


“This type of wood, also known as ‘Red Oak’ can only be found in California’s Central Coast Region,” said Aziz. “It really adds the Californian feel to it.”


Aziz, who opened the store with his wife Teresa Aziz, plans to sell the bark by the pound in store, as well.


“I want to be able to share the flavor with people who want to try it for themselves,” he said. “We make the drive down there to get it—and it’s worth it.”


Although the shop is new, Aziz has been in business since 2010 catering to events around town including the downtown Christmas Parade and the Turlock Farmer’s Market in 2011 and 2012.


“Teresa and I always wanted to open a shop,” said Aziz. “So when the opportunity came about we decided to jump on it.”


Aziz claims that his love for the Santa Maria style barbecue that influenced his California barbecue came about at just 14 years old.


“I had a friend who moved to the San Luis Obispo area and I went to his house for dinner one night,” he said. “I was hooked on this style of barbecue since then and was able to eventually brand one as my own with that influence.”


Aziz takes pride in his ingredients and uses custom meat from local farmers.


The restaurant will open on Black Friday with a buy one sandwich get a dessert free special.

“I think the people of Turlock will fall in love with our barbecue,” said Aziz. “I love this town, and this town loves food.”