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Dried Valley fruit makes international waves
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Bella Viva Orchards owners Angela and Victor Martino produce and sell fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts and chocolates to loyal customers. - photo by NANCY ANGEL / The Journal

Name of business: Bella Viva Orchards

Type of business: Dried fruit and nut company

Location: 7030 Hughson Ave, Hughson

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact info: Call 883-9015

History of business:  Farming the rich soil of the Central Valley has been a Martino family tradition for over 25 years. The harvest of that tradition can now be obtained through a store in the heart of downtown Hughson, at area farmers' markets and online.

Bella Viva Orchards, named after Martino daughters Vivian and Belle, sells fruits, nuts and chocolate to customers throughout Northern California’s farmers markets, in select restaurants and to their online customers across the country.

“Bella Viva, meaning beautiful long life in Italian, captures the essence of what we aim to provide for our customers,” said owner Angela Martino.  “We produce and sell fresh and dried fruit, under close supervision and care of our fruit harvest.  We also sell nuts and chocolates online to customers nationwide.”

Business specialty: Since 2006, Bella Viva has been a Certified Organic Fruit Grower, offering authentic organic fruit to its loyal customers.

“Our organic fruits and nuts make a great gift basket for the holidays and special birthdays,” said Angela.  “It’s great for all year long.”

BVO has also gotten the attention of buyers from other countries.  In December, buyers from several baking companies in Europe visited the Hughson location to explore importing the California dried fruit into their respective countries.

“We had visitors from Italy, Norway, France and the Netherlands,” said owner Victor Martino.  “It was great opportunities to have guests from other countries sample our dried fruit.  Our product and standards speaks for itself.  At Bella Viva, our standards with the fruits we select are of high priority.

 “I hope that in the future years we can continue to bring the fruits of our labor to our beloved loyal customers."