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Plans for gated community submitted to City
More homes on the way if approved
Florsheim new homes
Florsheim Homes has submitted plans for a 178-home gated community on 5th Street in Turlock (ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal).

First-time home buyers may have more options come next year as one local developer is once again looking to build homes in Turlock. 

Florsheim Homes has developed housing communities in towns like Oakdale, Hughson, Modesto and Turlock, where they most recently completed Rose Verde — a 107-home subdivision near Monte Vista Crossings which saw its final home sold in August 2020. The Turlock City Council first approved Rose Verde, called Monte Verde at the time, in April 2014, though construction on the homes didn’t begin until early 2018. 

Now, Florsheim is seeking approval from the Planning Commission for a 178-home gated community located at 1137, 1201 and 1233 5th St. in Turlock. According to Florsheim President Randy Bling, there is a need for housing as demand rises despite the pandemic.

“The housing market, even in spite of COVID, ended up doing well. People realized homes are a nice thing to have. If we’re going to be stuck with our families, we might as well have a nice place to live that fits your lifestyle,” Bling said. “A home has always been a great investment, not just something to live in, and it’s even more so during these times.”

There’s still plenty to plan regarding the design and prices of the homes, both of which can’t move forward until approved by the Planning Commission and the City Council. The item is scheduled to go before the Planning Commission for a public hearing on April 1. 

Still, Bling was able to share that the homes will be geared toward first-time home buyers, ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 square feet. 

“We have always historically built for the first-time home buyer. We typically like to be on the end where we can appeal to the masses with a good market price,” he said. “There’s a great need for homes right now. We’re short homes all throughout California and the United State, so anytime we can find a property and hopefully get it entitled, we do because we feel there's a need and demand for it.”

Preliminary plans call for a subdivision with a gated entry and call box, as well as a landscaped pathway in the middle of the community. Should the proposal be approved, Bling estimates the homes could be completed as early as 2022.

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