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Taylor family adopts a park
adopt a park
The Taylor family and City Parks employee Martin Serrato pose for a picture at Ferreira Ranch Park (Photo contributed).

Ryan Taylor and his family and friends came together recently to adopt Ferreira Ranch Park through the city's Adopt -A-Park program. Taylor and his family worked hard digging up rocks, planting flowers, and putting down new soil next to the park sign. A rock border was also placed around the planted area to provide a finished look.

“It was great to work with and learn from City of Turlock Parks employee Martin (Serrato),” said Taylor. “We learned about planting while beautifying our local park.  It was a great experience.”

Taylor said he and his family decided to get involved in the Adopt-A-Park program because he wanted to do something good for his community.

“This is the park my sister and I used to play at when we were little, and I have lots of good memories of us running around the field and playing at the playground. So this is my way of giving back and beautifying the park for the next generation of kids,” he said.