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Turlock duo turns passion for photography into business
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Turlock husband and wife duo Matt and Kayla Lawson share their love of visual arts through their business, MKL Photography. - photo by Photo Contributed

Name of business: MKL Photography

Type of business: Lifestyle and wedding photography

Location: @m.k.l_photography

Contact information:

Hours: By appointment

Specialty: Weddings

History of business:

Turlock husband and wife duo Matt and Kayla Lawson have always had a passion for the visual arts, dating all the way back to when the pair began going steady in high school 10 years ago. Now, the couple has taken that passion and turned it into MKL Photography, capturing scenes of love and life for the Turlock community and beyond.

“It goes back all the way to the time that we began dating…Kayla was taking photography classes and I was taking architectural design. As we started dating, we talked about ways to pursue that passion for us. It was always a topic,” said Matt.

Within the past year, MKL Photography has flourished. In just six short months, the couple’s Instagram account for their photography business has collected nearly 3,000 followers, and MKL Photography has been an integral piece of engagements, photoshoots and weddings throughout the Central Valley.

“What inspires us is the natural essence of the love people have,” said Kayla. “We love to be a part of that, and we love being able to capture their love.”

While MKL sometimes travels for specific photoshoots, typically to a location special to the couple they are shooting that day, the pair explained that often, some of the best backdrops can be found right here at home.

“Engagement sessions are really special, so maybe they want to shoot where they got engaged at or somewhere else where they have special memories,” said Kayla.

“Oftentimes when we’re driving out through Hilmar, some of the best shots come from pulling off to the side of the road and going out into an empty field,” Matt added.

MKL Photography provides clients with the benefits of having two shooters – both Kayla and Matt. For the most part, the pair is always together when on assignment, offering two lenses and different angles, interpretations and mindsets, said Kayla.

“We both have different artistic ways that we like to shoot, and I think that can be really special for a bride and a groom,” she said. “As a woman, I know how women photograph more femininely, and Matt can photograph the gentlemen in a more masculine way.”

No matter what the location of the shoot or the occasion, Matt and Kayla always do their best to make clients feel comfortable.

“It is nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never had your picture taken,” said Kayla. “We’re super goofy, so we have them maybe do a ‘wiggle dance’ to get the jitters out, then we take some practice shots.

“We tell our clients to just keep moving and love one another life we’re not even there. Often by the end of the session, we’re all just laughing and having the best time.”

While Matt and Kayla love every shoot they do, they definitely have a favorite: weddings.

“We believe in marriage and we think that being able to be a part to of someone’s wedding…it’s just so special and an honor for us to capture their love,” said Kayla. “It’s just so intimate and we absolutely adore that.”