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Voters tend to 'go cheap' when it comes to election time
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"You get what you pay for." Often that's a truism that reflects the reality that if you buy cheap, you end up with cheap. Unfortunately, it's also often a truism for voters as well. Analyze a candidate and where he stands and you weed out the politicians who will do the least amount of damage. Recoil from that duty — of studying a candidate or the issues — and you're apt to get someone you will regret putting into office.
Especially troublesome is the apathy that is rampant among the populace. Many voters don't have the desire nor time to wade through the voluminous reading material required to make intelligent ballot decisions. Yearly voters face a barrage of statewide propositions created mostly by special-interest groups and instead of voting no when in doubt, they end up voting for something that may sound good but is opposed to the freedoms set forth by our Founding Fathers. Live long enough and you learn to follow the money when it comes to politics.
Onerous as voting has become, careful thought is required. Voting requires research beyond buying the party line and going with the party candidate or being swayed by deceptive TV commercials. Entering into a voting precinct, each voter should be able to explain why they are voting as they are and why.
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