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A tragic death
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My name is Zeus — like the god.

I was a tiny feral kitten when my adoptive human mother found me while venturing from my birthplace under the woodpile. We were instantly bonded as I snuggled into her hair. She bottle-fed me until I could eat for myself. I was a happy kitten with a great big purr.

I was vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered and grew into a handsome cat with beautiful blue eyes. I was very smart, pampered and a bit spoiled but was the perfect pet for my parents — I even traveled and slept with them. They loved me, and I them.

One morning as I made my usual rounds of our property, I suddenly felt a stinging, burning sensation going through me and all I could think was “get home!” I made it through the pet door and lay on the rug. No one was home, but I couldn’t hold on — I died. Mother found me there when she returned. She was broken-hearted. Why would anyone shoot a beautiful, intelligent, loving fellow like me?

People of north Turlock be advised! Keep a close eye on your beloved pets and if one is missing or dies suddenly, please report it to the Turlock SPCA. If you have any information about Zeus’ demise, please call Diane at 634-3972.

  Diane Fidel