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A vote for Abe Rojas is the right direction
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I support Abe Rojas for reelection. Abe is a committed individual who supports his community. I remember Abe and Sharon Rojas organizing and being present at the Rhythm Beaters events so the youth could have a venue to go to. Abe established the Kaleidoscope, brought live bands, made the City of Turlock Recreation Department what it was meant to be. Abe did not stop there. He was involved in officiating sporting events, was an announcer at sporting events and was involved in planning and developing Pedretti Park. During this period, Abe was involved with his children’s events; today he is involved with his grandchildren’s events.

While working at the Stanislaus County Fair last year, Abe had a board meeting at the YCCD which conflicted with his schedule. He knew his priority was first to the board, so he got assistants at the fair to cover so he could attend the board meeting. This is a glimpse of how Abe prioritizes his work!

Abe’s heart is for the community; most importantly, he understands the needs because he was born and raised in his community. A vote for Abe Rojas is the right direction!

— Larry "Otis" Cota