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Are outside interests buying Turlock Mayorship?
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In reviewing Mayor Soiseth’s list of campaign contributions (California Fair Political Practice Commission Form 460) and endorsements, you would think that he is running for a state-wide position rather than Mayor of Turlock.  Only 52.5 percent of the funds raised by Soiseth have come from Turlock residents as compared to 68.8 percent for Bublak and 87.4 percent for Bates. 

Soiseth has received $1,000 contributions from 38 individuals and companies throughout California and even out-of-state.  In addition to Bay Area and Sacramento lobbyists, contributions have come from as far away as Washington DC, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Illinois, and Virginia.  So much for local Turlock campaign finance reform!

I am voting for Brad Bates — the candidate that truly cares about Turlock, is firmly grounded in Turlock, and is not looking at the Mayor’s position as a stepping stone to the next elected position.

— Glen Skooglund