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DUI has no bearing on Bates bid for mayoral seat
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Ted Howze’s vow “to launch a negative ad campaign” if Brad Bates does not withdraw from the mayor’s race is disgusting and a repeat of his negative ads when he ran against Brad for the County Supervisor’s race in 2004. Does Howze get vicarious satisfaction from writing negative things about others?

Yes, Brad was convicted of a DUI in 2009. DUI is totally unacceptable and he paid a heavy and appropriate price for his misdeed. It does not, however, have any bearing on his bid to become mayor.

I know of few adults, myself included, who have never driven at least once in their life with a blood alcohol level of .08. We’d lose a whole lot of very fine elected officials and dedicated public servants if we eliminated all who have at least once driven with .08 blood alcohol.

Howze should focus on the issues rather than launching personal attacks. Brad Bates was an outstanding mayor during his previous tenure and he has my total and unequivocal support to become our next mayor.

— Bob Stammerjohan