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Enough is enough
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Please help me here.  We are in the worst recession in years, and the city of Turlock has in last few years built a multi-million dollar fire station, police station, art center, and a transportation center. 

A few meetings ago the council talked about an increase in the sales tax.  Now I know government folks like to have legacies, but this is a little over the top. They are acting like the donkeys in Sacramento. We are so far in debt that we have to be on the verge of collapse.  Oh, but we need a train to nowhere. 

And how about filling up your car with gas or diesel, man that’s a shocker, but do they give a hoot, heck no, they refuse to drill for our own oil.  When are we as a people going to rebel against all of this garbage?  When are we going to ask our representatives to quit stealing our money and start representing us and what we want, and mean it?

There are so many in both parties that need to be booted out office, but let’s look hard at which party is in control.  Local, a democrat; state, a democrat; federal, a democrat.  Duh, let’s rally around something or someone who is willing to scream their lungs out until something is done.  My experience with government is they could care less about an individual; they only listen when there is a large group.  We need to stop subscribing to new outlets that don’t tell us the truth.  We need to all call our representative and tell them enough is enough.

So, how about it? Let’s get together and scream some time.

— Harry Boucher