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Freedom and fireworks
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These last 14-plus months have been tough.   

Fourth of July celebrations are different in towns this year.  

California cities that permit the sale and use of safe and sane fireworks continuously change.  Check before firing! 

Never use fireworks or drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

A drunken driver hit me in 1992 and damaged my gait, hearing and speech.  If a drunk cannot handle a car, imagine one with a firework?  

Illegal fireworks must stop.

These unexpected booms sound like a bomb!  It frightens children, pets are terrified and people with PTSD suffer.  

Also, California is in a drought.  Everything is bone dry and dangerously flammable.     

In May, 41 counties out of the state’s 58 are in a drought emergency (like Stanislaus County).  Fire danger escalates because dry fields offer fuel to a wayward firework. 

 Let the experts handle the fireworks and drive sober.

 — Lori Martin