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Homeless bathe, kids bullied at Broadway Water Park
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Dear Editor:

Is there anything that can be done about some of the people in Broadway Park’s children’s water park?  I’m asking because my wife has been taking our grandson there for three or more years, but now the situation at the water park is changing. 

The other day when my wife and grandson were there, some adults were again bathing in the water in this children’s water park, washing their hair, letting water squirt under their arms, and splashing water into their shorts and up their skirts.  They were also filling plastic jugs with this recycled water.  This is not new behavior, but on this day, some older boys with these adults began bullying younger children in the play area, so my wife and grandson left. 

Watching people bathe in the children’s water park is uncomfortable, but the bullying was a new behavior and the last straw.  Our grandson does not want to go back to the park to play. 

Broadway Park used to be a really fun park during the summer, but we will abandon it now to these new residents and their bullying teens unless someone has another suggestion. 

— Truman Jensen, Turlock