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Its a GREENgos silent spring
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In the not so golden state anymore, if you stop and listen you’ll notice it’s quieter. You’ll see more cars and trucks smoking and running on plastic factory spares. The once constant drone of traffic and commercial activity is giving way to a silence of the lambs.
When the GREENgos cut the water off to Southern California, hundreds of thousands of our people lost their jobs, crops and businesses. Carefully tended orange groves went unwatered and died. Their tearful owners were unable to even sell the wood for fireplaces!
After a 26-year legal attack, destitute farmers and dairymen signed the armistice agreement with the GREENgos and the Merced River will again flow to the sea.
It’s for the salmon, the salmon. California, with twice the population and more people to feed, will have to make do with less water. The GREENgos know the salmon are overfished and they will not build more dams. We must wash our babies in recycled sewage water. Our Western forests are under attack by a beetle infestation and a huge forest fire is in the making as millions of trees go unharvested and the area not replanted.
It has become more and more obvious that we humans have pillaged nature long enough and the GREENgos are the solution. Have we Americans become so detached from reality that we can’t see the powers that work against us?
— Michael Maggetti