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Play Ball!
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Turlock does have a bright future. This is because of the strong and resilient spirit of the people who call Turlock home. Whether your first or several generations, new or lived here all your life, you can recognize that this is a special community. We need leadership that reflects such understandings. Leadership that reaches for new heights and challenges us to live up to our fullest potential. Perhaps, it is time to swing for the fences. 

Currently, the Modesto Nuts are in need of a new minor league stadium. Turlock is in a unique position to perhaps offer a solution. We do have the population that can support such a place. We have the space — the fairgrounds, located right next to the bus station and future ACE Train. The fairgrounds could move to have move space and become a regional fair. Stan State has one of the best baseball programs in the state. There is potential for a partnership between multiple public and private entities to bring a minor league team to our city. Not to mention the entertainment venue that this would create and how other local teams could benefit, the Harvest Bowl.

It is a common concern that there is not much to do here. Well, here is our chance.  Maybe, we need to make a serious play. Leadership will be the key. Done right our city can still maintain all the things we love about it. 

— Jeremy Rocha