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Sales tax, better workers could fix roads
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If we must have a tax to repair the roads in Turlock, then I am in favor of a sales tax increase. This increase needs to affect all, since everyone who drives uses the roads. I just spent $450 to repair a popped tire and a bent spindle in my car from the potholes in the road.

However, I do have a serious concern and that is that as a retiree, I am able to be on the roads during the day, and I notice that the City of Turlock workers are not working very hard.  As an example, a few weeks ago, I was driving along Canal Drive from Geer to Quincy.  I counted at least 10 City workers moving dirt around the median.  Most were standing and chatting.  A job that should have taken a few hours took a day.  Then the next day the same thing happened while they were laying bark.  

It would seem that better supervision might result in the city having to ask taxpayers for less money.  The City workers should be able to do it.

— Kathi Farber