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Sportsmanship lacking at TC basketball game
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I have been involved in high school athletics for many years; I have played in them and I have cheered from the sidelines. After the Turlock Christian/Denair game that I just attended, I have almost lost all faith in the sportsmanship that used to be held at such a high standard at all high school athletic contests.
As a visiting Denair fan, I was shocked at the level of disrespect given from the home team. They said many rude chants, badgered our players, and threw many "cheap shots" throughout the entire contest. The last time we played on their court, we beat them but didn't take it to the nasty level that they did. The funny thing is that the programs handed out showed the expected behavior and rules that both players, coaches, and fans were expected to uphold. Their fans did not uphold them at all.
I hope that this letter will be eye-opening for both the parents and student from Turlock Christian so they can see just how poorly they represented their school. Sadly, this happens more and more at high school games, and we need to get back to the way things used to be: When fans would cheer on and support their school in a positive manner. Is it that hard to be a positive onlooker?
— Amanda Hilton