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Vote count matters in school board vacancy
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Dear Editor,
Lori Crivelli has become Turlock's own Sarah Palin. Seek and accept an office of responsibility and then quit without a rational explanation.
The remaining members of the Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees have correctly decided to use appointment rather than special election to fill the vacancy. I agree with those who say that the person who earned the next highest number of votes in the election should receive the appointment if they want the position.
That person was Timm LaVelle and he has announced that he does want to continue to serve the citizens of Turlock.
Several people at the recent school board meeting spoke out in favor of LaVelle as the next highest vote winner. It is clear that this is the fair and appropriate course to follow. But apparently not to new board member Bob Weaver who went out of his way to publicly say at that meeting that LaVelle's fourth place finish was no better than the candidate who finished fifth. Does Mr. Weaver really believe that the vote count of the people of Turlock should be casually cast aside? Well maybe, if he already has a personal choice in mind. We should all remember that anyone who didn't have the courage to put themselves into the election arena got no votes at all. Vote count matters!
— Dale Parkinson