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Tractor, truck pulls put engines to the test
tractor pulls pic1
White Lightening drags a weighted sled through Food Maxx Arena on Sunday during the Truck and Tractor Pulls at the Stanislaus County Fair. - photo by FRANKIE TOVAR / The Journal

Truck and Tractor Pulls Results

* July 15 at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds


4X4 5500 Stock

1st: Jermay Ludwick, Waterford, 208.400 feet

2nd: Garrett Howser, Modesto, 128.300 feet


6200 Modified Class Town

1st: The Prosecutor, Modesto, 223.500 feet

2nd: California Flash, Oakdale, 208.900 feet

3rd: Young Guns, Oakdale, 203.200 feet


4X4 Local Street Diesel Class

1st: Albert Mendes III, Ceres, 213.400 and 206.400 feet

2nd: Jonathan Coleman, 196.300 and 176.000 feet

3rd: Bryant Dessire, Denair, 194.300 and  171.000 feet


4X4 Local 6000 Super Class

1st: Nate Hussey, Modesto, 241.900 and 201.200 feet

2nd: Mike Wika, Modesto, 240.000 and 197.100 feet

3rd: Joe Conner, 244.700 and 190.000 feet


5800 Modified Class

1st: Leroy Vierra and Wild Thing, Hilmar, 357.700 feet

2nd: Dale Filkins and Skunkworks, Fillmore, 293.300 feet

3rd: David Leinfelder and White Lightning, Stockton, 271.400 feet


4X4 8000 Super Street Class

1st: Manuel Vierra, 213.300 feet

2nd: John Esteves, Jr., 207.500 feet

3rd: Jim Mulronney, Galt, 187.900 feet


4X4 8000 Super Class

1st: John Esteves, Oakdale, 302.500 feet

2nd: Albert Mendes III, Crows Landing, 277.800 feet

3rd: Josh Lacey, Atwater, 232.600 feet


4X4 Ex

1st: Donald Grahm, Modesto, 165.100 feet


800 Modified

1st: Donnie Fagundes, Hanford, 351 feet

2nd: Jared Britsghi, 303.7 feet

3rd: Jeremy Correia, Tulare, 85.7 feet


7200 Modified Class

1st: Brian Massetti and The Whip, Madera, 334.400 feet

      Brian Massetti and Poly Thunder, Madera, 290.200 feet

2nd: Jamie Fraser and Dueces Wild, Kingsburg, 268.200 feet

3rd: Mark Zohns and Semper Fi, San Luis Obispo, 221.400 feet


Super Farm Class

1st: Jeff Perry and Power Trip, Hilmar, 284.200 feet

2nd: Wendell Trinkler and Green Adrenaleen, Ceres, 253.200 feet

3rd: Brian Stagno and Green Reaper, Escalon, 241.400 feet



The sun was out but the heat wasn’t a factor at the Stanislaus County Fair on Sunday. To compensate, people from across the Valley and beyond piled into the Food Maxx Arena for high octane entertainment at the Truck and Tractor Pulls.

“There’s something about the adrenaline rush when you take off down the track,” driver Mark Zohns said. “There’s nothing like it.”

Spectators witnessed an array of machines, equipped with multiple engines and a host of other modifications, compete in 11 different classes as they each attempted to drag the 44,000 pound sled the furthest. For some drivers the pulls are a hobby but for others it’s a passion, rooted in years of tradition and love for the sport.

Zohns is one such driver. The San Luis Obispo native designed, built and drove two tractors for Sunday’s 72,000 pound modified class — the Semper Fi and Bale Out. With 13 years of competition under his belt, Sunday was just another chance to show off his workmanship and vie for the number one spot.

“This is two years of my life,” Zohns said as he pointed to his tractor. “There’s an excitement about making the machine perform the best it can.”

Semper Fi, with its twin marine helicopter engines and combined 2,800 horsepower, provided the crowd with the most excitement of Zohns’ two tractors, earning him a 3rd place finish.

Sunday wasn’t just about tractors though. The trucks, although not as powerful as the tractors, seemed to please the crowd just as much as any of the machines, particularly the 6,200 modified class.

Oakdale’s Jason Titsworth brought his California Flash to the fairground for said class. The polished big block Chevrolet not only pleased the eyes of those in attendance with its polished white paint and comic art, but it also tore up the track and fed those who wanted to see raw power.

“I’ve grown to love the sport as well as the people and promoters involved,” Titsworth said. “It’s a good family sport.”

Although Titsworth didn’t finish in first place he did take second place, showcasing seven years of pulling competition and know how.

Arena action continues at the Stanislaus County Fair with Valley Stock Tractor Pullers at 6:30 p.m. today, followed by CCPRA Rodeo on Thursday, Flat Track Motorcycles on Friday, Motocross/QuadCross and Pee Wee Bikes on Saturday and Mud Bog and Lawn Mower Races on Sunday. For ticket information, visit