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Shooting suspect's house engulfed in flames
Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Paris was shot to death while serving an eviction notice in Modesto. - photo by Photo Contributed

Flames erupted from the Modesto home of the person law enforcement suspects is responsible for the shooting deaths of Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Paris and an unidentified civilian.

The fire began about 10 hours into a standoff between law enforcement and the suspected shooter in his Chrysler Drive home. Authorities launched multiple vollies of tear gas and flash bang grenades into the home, which Sheriff Adam Christianson said could have ignited the fire.

Due to safety concerns, fire crews have not been able to fight the flames. Nearby residents were evacuated earlier in the day due to the standoff. According to the sheriff's department, there have been no injuries due to the fire. The location and status of the suspect is still unknown.

At around 11 a.m. Thursday, Paris was killed while serving an eviction notice in Modesto. A  civilian was also killed in the shooting, but no details have been released on his or her identity.

After the shooting, the suspect barricaded himself inside his residence. Hundreds of law enforcement have come to the Chrysler Drive scene, including at least three special weapons and tactics teams from different agencies. The Merced County rescue squad is also on scene.

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