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Cheyenne Musgraves: Contemporary, but classic girl
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Cheyenne Musgraves

Cheyenne Musgraves’ interests are somewhat paradoxical: she is a self-proclaimed old soul with an interest in digital design. It is these unique interests that make her a school leader.

As a senior at Pitman High School, Cheyenne’s tendency toward old and new, vintage and modern, lends her a unique perspective as Head Editor of the school yearbook. In her role as Head Editor Cheyenne manages teams of people, delegating which pages certain students create as well as organizing team bonding events. As a “people person” with a passion for photography, the annual yearbook lends Cheyenne the ultimate workspace to express her creativity.

“A year book is like a history book and I like history. Once you start looking through one, you really can’t stop,” said Cheyenne, who is going for a modern and minimalistic look for this year’s yearbook.

Cheyenne’s interest in history is reflected in her music choices as she prefers songs from the 1990s and 1960s, but just because she favors the older generations she is by no means boring. Known at Pitman as a student with extreme school spirit and a playful personality, Cheyenne appreciates the close knit friendships she’s forged in high school.

“I think what makes me unique is that I don’t get embarrassed. I don’t have a problem talking to random people because I am proud of my school and I am proud of who I am,” said Cheyenne.

This trailblazer spirit has recently awarded Cheyenne the title of November Rotary Student of the Month. Her creativity has also been showcased in the Modesto Youth Art Month competition in which her teacher entered her photography, winning Cheyenne recognition for her talent in photography.

  “I love photography. I cannot imagine not working with my hands on something. I have to be creative,” said Cheyenne.

When she graduates, Cheyenne intends to use this creativity by pursuing a degree in graphic design at California State University, Stanislaus. While enrolled, she plans to apply for the Disney College Program, but for now Cheyenne remains focused on wrapping up her final year of high school.

“The fact that graduation is so close, I can’t slack off. I want to experience everything,” said Cheyenne.