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TUSD trustees just say go to school
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Turlock High School will be rocking this school year, as local radio station KWIN will be broadcasting on-campus as part of the Turlock Unified School District’s “Just Say Go” attendance campaign.
The new campaign will be implemented as a way to get students to come to school and boost the District’s attendance numbers.
Timm LaVelle, board president, said that the campaign will make use of public service announcements and a billboard to get the “Just Say Go” message out to Turlock parents. The message already appears on the digital billboard on Highway 99 near Fulkerth Road.
The main message of the campaign is that students will fall behind in school if they do not attend regularly. Advertisements will appear on city buses, marquees, and in radio announcements to educate parents that if a student misses just one day of school it will take three days to make up lost instruction time.
LaVelle said the idea for the campaign came up during recent budget meetings. The board was looking for a way to bring more revenue into the District and lessen the impact of cuts. LaVelle said that the District makes its money from ADA, the average daily attendance. The District loses money when students are not in class.
The District calculated that they could increase their funding by $1 million by increasing attendance by 1 percent. LaVelle said that they are also looking into donated advertising to spread the “Just Say Go” message to a larger number of people.
At Tuesday’s board meeting, the trustees voted to spend $2,739 to have the radio station KWIN broadcast from Turlock High School on Aug. 11, the day that THS students pick up their schedules. The radio remote will take place right outside of the THS library. The agreement also includes radio advertising to support the start of school on KWIN.
Trustee Loren Holt supports the campaign whole-heartedly. He likes that the program improves attendance without penalizing students.
“I think it’s just great,” Holt said.
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