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Conserve water while washing clothes
Rather than running many small loads of laundry, save them to run larger, fuller loads instead.

One of the largest uses of water in American households is laundry.  We would like to suggest some ways that you can save water in the laundry room.

Check for Leaks: Even a small leak can cause water bills to steadily climb, even when you’re making an effort to reduce water consumption. Washers and laundry sinks can be using (or rather, losing) water even when not in use through leaks and drips.  Take a few minutes to do a bit of laundry room maintenance. Check your washer for leaks and drips, paying special attention to the hose connections and similar vulnerable spots.

Run Full Loads: Rather than running many small loads of laundry, save them to run larger, fuller loads instead. Every time the machine is used, you’re consuming water, so consolidating washes will be more efficient.

Use Size Cycles: When you need to run a small load for some reason, take advantage of the washer’s “small load” option/setting, which will use less water because it is washing fewer items.

Skip the Extra Rinse: Many washing machines have an option for an extra rinse cycle, so skip this step to save water. Use the right amount of soap in the first place, and you won’t need it anyway.

Upgrade to an Efficient Washing Machine: When your existing machine breaks, opt for an efficient machine to replace it.  Look for a frontloading machine, if possible, as these tend to be more efficient.

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