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Fitzpatrick Homes constructs all-American made homes
Dennis Fitzpatrick, President of Fitzpatrick Homes, stands in front of the newly constructed Milestone neighborhood, an innovative community made using only materials that were manufactured in the United States of America for All-American Made homes. - photo by CARA HALLAM/The Journal

The first all-American made housing development has made its way to Turlock, as Fitzpatrick Homes continues to finish building two new subdivisions using materials only manufactured in the United States for a total of 68 new homes.

“We tried to use materials that are localized as much as possible,” said President Dennis Fitzpatrick. “If we could get the products locally in the Valley, we did. But absolutely everything that went into building these homes is 100 percent American-made.”

Fitzpatrick Homes decided to undergo constructing the “Made in the USA” subdivisions of Milestone and Summerfield as a means of boosting the local economy and getting local subcontractors back to work.

“We didn’t decide to do this because no one else is doing it, but instead to help jump start our area,” said Fitzpatrick. “We did a lot of research into finding all American made products, which took a little bit of time, but was worth doing.”

Aside from helping create local jobs and utilizing local companies such as local roofing company Boral USA of Stockton, Fitzpatrick Homes said that the decision was also made to use American products in an effort to be environmentally friendly.

“This project also lessens our carbon footprint as a company,” said Fitzpatrick. “We’re not having to transport these goods as far by trucks, which reduces gas and smog output.”

The Milestone community consists of four distinct home designs that offer up to six bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Floor plans range in size from approximately 2,323 square feet to 3,807 square feet. The newly constructed homes within this community range from the high $300,000s.

“By using products made in America instead of materials manufactured overseas, our country and our local geographic area will benefit and it will help our industry get back on its feet,” said Fitzpatrick. “We’re magnifying the positive effect by making a commitment moving forward in this geographic area to build a number of American-made homes. There are more people and materials involved, which means we can make more of an impact from an environmental and economic standpoint.”

Although the Mansfield and Summerfield neighborhoods are the only two all-American made developments Fitzpatrick Homes is currently constructing, Fitzpatrick said that the company does plan to build more in the future.

“We do have land that we will be building on as things continue to progress,” said Fitzpatrick. “After witnessing how the last recession impacted our industry, we made a commitment as a company to focus on American-made products.”