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Sex and the City stars good examples
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The famed “Sex and the City” characters have given hope to women all over the world since their 1998 debut of their HBO series, and now two movies. They rock killer shoes, designer brands and juggle relationships, while keeping friendship a priority.

Now in their 40s and 50s, the four best friends from New York City have taken their journey to Abu Dhabi for the “Sex and the City 2” movie that came out this May.

I was one of the hundred women who attended a midnight movie premiere that left me exhausted after two and a half hours of entertainment only to go to work about eight hours later. But it was so worth it.

Many critics, however, felt that their ticket purchase was a waste of money.

On May 29, the Turlock Journal ran an opinion piece by a San Francisco Chronicle columnist who called the movie irritating, offensive and racy because of the promiscuous behavior of one of the well-known “Sex and the City” women in a very conservative Arab culture.

Since the first day of the “Sex and the City” series, Samantha has been the most sexually adventurous of the four women. So it is only natural for her to continue her behavior whether she is in the United Arab Emirates or hanging out with the Amish people of Pennsylvania. That is her character.  

In the movie, Samantha wears a bikini at the pool, shorts and a tank top through the spice market and even makes out with a stranger on the beach. Yes, all these behaviors are disrespectful to the Arab culture, one in which women are expected to cover their bodies from head to toe at all times.

I get it. She should have been more respectful. I have lived in a different country and you have to respect the culture of that country. It is the right thing to do. If you don’t, you might not only get dirty looks but you could also end up with a view behind bars.  

The columnist from the Chronicle looked at Samantha’s behavior as if she was allowed to do what she did because she is beautiful, fabulous and decked out in designer clothing. But I see it as an example for all those Americans that think they can do whatever they want in a different country without being punished.       

Samantha didn’t get away with what she did. Nowhere in that movie did it show that Samantha was allowed to make out with a stranger on the beach or wear her risky clothing without consequences. She was arrested for her beach incident and was shunned by the men for flaunting herself around the spice market.

Her behavior is an example to those young Americans out there that think they can parade into a different country and still live by American mores. Every country has different laws and customs. Everyone needs to not only respect other cultures, but honor them as well.

We don’t allow 16-year-olds from Europe to legally drink a beer in America, even though it is legal in Germany, so why do Americans expect to go to other countries and break their laws?

So bravo to the “Sex and the City” crew for setting an example for all those American tourists out there.

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