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Ban the use of single use plastic products
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I would like to see City of Turlock ban the use of single use plastic straws and other plastic items that are given to customers when ordering “take out” meals. Also, when serving in-house customers.

Jamba Juice gives out plastic straws that are so thick I couldn’t cut it up with scissors and had to resort to my pruning shears.

The City of Seattle, Washington has banned the use of plastic in restaurants. Why should Turlock not do the same?

The European Union now proposes banning single use plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds.

Alaska Airlines has discontinued using plastic straws and stirrers. They claim to have given out 22 million plastic straws to passengers.

Our oceans are full of plastic. Gill nets used by fishing trawlers break loose and whales and other marine life get tangled up in this ‘floating plastic traps’ and die.

Recently, a dead sperm whale ended up on shore in Spain. It died a very slow and painful death, as it was discovered to have 64 pounds of plastic in its stomach. The beaches on the island of Midway in the Pacific Ocean are littered with plastic and as a result the Albatross birds are dying off and bodies litter the beaches. They have eaten plastic same as the sperm whale. Sea turtles get plastic straws trapped in their nostrils and die.

This month, National Geographic was devoted entirely to plastic and how our oceans are full of plastic debris. It is estimated that by 2025 our oceans will have more plastic and very little sea life.

I could go on, but I think the information contained in this letter (plea) to ban single use plastic in our restaurants is sufficient for your consideration.

— Paula N. Tice, Turlock