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Bublak’s silence on Howze is an injustice to Turlock

Dear Editor:

When Mayor Amy Bublak endorsed Ted Howze, she touted his management style as a strength. Yet, with revelations of vitriolic and bigoted posts discovered in his social media accounts that he claimed escaped his attention, inefficiency is the least of his worries and should prod Bublak to revisit her endorsement. That said, the question she should ponder is ominous: why are such dubiously intolerant types drawn to Howze to begin with? Now a matter of public record, the string of hatefully-charged comments (some by Howze) and his tolerance of them, makes clear that such people see the veterinarian as a conduit for their unseemly perspectives on race and immigration. Such ugliness, itself, is a striking antithesis to Bublak’s rosy portrait of Howze as a representative who’ll “improve the daily quality of life for all Turlock residents.” Apparently, all, except for Latinos and Muslims. Startled by the disclosures, the GOP hierarchy, including Kevin McCarthy, has reportedly abandoned Howze. So, where does this leave the mayor? Having hitched her wagon to Howze, she owes it to her constituency to address this in a public forum. A “no comment” is simply not acceptable given that the scandal’s drawn national attention. Continuing her support for the beleaguered Howze will be a self-inflicted stain on Turlock, damage her legacy, and, most importantly do an injustice to the fair-minded people in this town who abhor racial and cultural intolerance and believe that plurality is among the community’s finest traits.

— Samuel O. Regalado, Turlock