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City officials need to start enforcing noise ordinance
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In response to the letter "Noise pollution continues around fairgrounds," I can relate. I do not know Pat Adams, however, I live off Hawkeye close to Olive Avenue and I could hear it both days, Saturday and Sunday, in fact we called the Turlock Police Department. The noise is deafening and it is a shame. If the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds is going to allow events to be held at the fairgrounds, then they need to have regulations of decimal readings, sound levels and a little common sense for others in this community.

Since 2007, I have lived in two different areas in this city. One by California State University, Stanislaus, where all you hear is "slam, bang" and loud music. We called CSUS and TPD and nothing was done and now they are entertaining housing for students in a four-story complex. This is a joke. CSUS needs to get control over their current loud noise situation before they even think of allowing anything in that area. I still own the home in that area; I'm renting it out and they are experiencing the same problems.

Where I live now, off Hawkeye, all you hear is party, party, party and the air conditioning unit from our neighbor, which is only 26 feet from our window and it is deafening. The decimal reading on Aug. 18 was 69.

I have an ear problem. My prayer is that the mayor, city, city council, TPD, CSUS and fairgrounds would comply with the City Ordinance and put an end to this noise pollution. I wish I had a dollar for every time I sent a letter to the city council addressing these problems. The city officials need to up their game, do their jobs and listen to the community, not the noise makers and the dollar signs.

— Myra DeMartini