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Clear leaders needed in Turlock

This letter was a proclamation of wisdom, which I hope will awaken our City to a clearer order of understanding of what our personal responsibilities are to be.

We need elected leaders and appointed leaders to examine their hearts and minds towards sincere honesty and clarity between themselves and on behalf of us, the citizens of our city.

The following, which was in a letter I wrote before the election, follows the same principles and logic needed now:

Whether we are evaluating candidates on a national level, or a state level, or at the local level here in the City of Turlock, we each need to discern the motive behind the heart and mind of the participant seeking our vote.

1.       Are they planning to give their time and energy in order to gain a certain degree or amount of return for themselves?

2.       Or, are they such a giving person that regardless of any recognition or other influential gain, they are giving their time, strength and energy for the benefit of the people they are to serve?

— Joe A. Silva