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Cluster mail boxes problem for senior village
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Our door-to-door mail delivery was just canceled and they put in one of those 'cluster box units' — well, actually three of them in the same location. We have no option. Not even putting in a curbside mail box. No notice. No instructions to open package boxes. This is a senior village and about half of us can't walk far enough to go to the mail box and get our medication through the much cheaper delivery by mail — $10 versus $20 to $40 plus a 15 mile trip to the nearest accepted pharmacy.

We may have to move to 'assisted living' — $340 here compared to $3,900 there per month. The Post Office left it to the individual postmasters to decide whether to use curbside boxes or add cluster boxes and now our post office phone is 'busy' 24 hours a day. In addition, if the postmaster had opted for curb side mail boxes, the expense would have been on us, not the post office.

— Norma Lundgren