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Good Samaritans still help strangers on the road
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I am one of the people you see regularly around Turlock walking for exercise. I appreciate so many nice neighborhoods with sidewalks.

On June 1, I was walking on Anning Drive when I had a very scary encounter with a large and aggressive dog. Anning has always been a safe, pleasant place for walking but this day a German shepherd appeared out of nowhere aggressively barking and lunging at me. Though I slowed down, quite pumping my arms and averted my eyes, the dog continued barking and chasing me down the sidewalk.

Fortunately for me, a man was riding down Johnson on his bicycle. Upon hearing the commotion, he turned and rode toward me. Without a word, he came to my rescue by planting himself and his bicycle between me and the dog, giving me a chance to get away. I thanked him and kept walking. I could hear the man trying to soothe the dog by talking to him but the dog never did stop aggressively barking. Finally, when he knew I was safely in the next block, the man turned his bicycle around and rode back toward Johnson.

I have no idea who this man is and no way to find him to express my admiration and thanks. I have no idea whether he will see this letter. Even if my hero doesn't see the Journal, perhaps those who do read this will be reassured that everyday strangers do sometimes still help each other.

— Diane Gray