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Journal reporter covers it all, well
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Dear Editor,

Gail Barnett’s letter on July 24 complimenting the Journal prompted me to finally put in writing my feelings about the great work of Sabra Stafford.  Among other assignments, Ms. Stafford covers the crime desk for the Turlock Journal.  I read about local crime from several sources.   I find Ms. Stafford’s newspaper reports to be the most researched and best written accounts of events occurring in Turlock, and the local area. 

Ms. Stafford has been recognized by her profession for her talent and ability. She has won two top awards and several honorable mentions from the California Newspaper Publishers’ Association.

Ms. Stafford’s writing style is engaging.  Her reports are objective.  The articles she prepares are comprehensive.  Her May 4 piece about the Michael Hoyt trial made me feel as though I was standing in the hall of the court house observing first-hand.  On June 5, Ms. Stafford wrote a piece about Bailey Groves shooting at officers who were pursuing him.  She didn’t stop there.  Sabra reminded us about Groves’ previous attempt to murder Turlock Police Sergeant Gray 12 years earlier.  She has written about many of the serious crimes in this area from the time of their occurrence, to the end of their process in the criminal justice system.  Sometimes years elapse in between, yet Sabra follows up. 

Currently, Sabra is covering the Daniel McDonald trial; the death investigation of                   Brandon Pacheco; and Dan Rigney being charged with attempted homicide and domestic violence crimes occurring in Donnelly Park.  It is reassuring to know Sabra will keep the public up to date about the progress of those cases as well.

From Fava Foolery (May 8), to Turlock City Council meetings, to the crime desk, Sabra does it all, and does it well. 

Thank you Turlock Journal for having Sabra on the team, and thank you Sabra for your dedication and talent.

— D. Ravaglioli