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Our leaders need good American values

To the Editor:


Recently three major news organizations reported on the racist and xenophobic comments written by Ted Howze. Mr. Howze is running against Incumbent Congressman Josh Harder here in District 10.


Below are just two of the many abhorrent statements Mr. Howze posted on his personal social media account and reported by the above publications.


“The Western world and Christian nations should all be suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS! They obviously cannot be both “good” Muslims and good Americans…”  Signed, Ted Howze, American Citizen.  He also depicts Dreamers as pedophiles.  “Surely they understand that pedophiles are Dreamers too”


These are just two of his many vile statements through the years.  They expose Mr. Howze’s racist, noninclusive and prejudicial thinking.  This does not reflect who we are as a community. 


House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has deemed Ted Howze “too extreme and vulgar” to support.  The NCRR (National Republican Congressional Committee) has pulled their endorsement.  It is critical that our local elected officials, those running for office and municipal agencies follow suit and publicly denounce Mr. Howze’s beliefs.  We look to our leaders to do what is right on our behalf.  Mr. Howze is not an acceptable candidate for office here in District 10 or anywhere else for that matter.  This was made abundantly clear by Kevin McCarthy and the NCRR.


At a time when we are facing uncertainty and economic destabilization, we need moral leadership which will reassure and unite our community.  Our leaders must reflect the “good American” values of integrity, acceptance, and truth. 


— Susan Goodman