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Turlock Post Office is wholly inadequate
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I dread doing business at Turlock Post Office! It’s not the employees – it’s the antiquated building and wholly inadequate parking lot to handle the demands of a city of nearly 75,000 residents. 

Turlock deserves better. 

As someone who works in Turlock and has to use the post office regularly, I can nearly guarantee that the street parking will be used up and the parking lot and overflow lot filled. I frequently find that people will block the entrance as they double park to drop off mail. I can rest assured that if I take the alleyway exit from the parking lot after dropping off mail in the outdoor box that my driver’s side tire will hit the massive pothole that further adds to my consternation. If I go out the Olive Avenue exit I am forced to make a right turn only when I want to go left and usually bottom out because of the street is crowned so high at that location. 

The entrance to the parking lot is at a T-intersection which further adds to the traffic congestion. 

If Congressman Josh Harder really wants to do something for his community instead of voting to impeach a president no longer in office or giving taxpayer relief to businesses that never should have been closed down in the first place, he should fight to get a new post office built elsewhere in town where traffic isn’t a bottleneck nightmare. 


— Jeff Benziger, Modesto