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Turlock should spend money on road repair, not homeless camp
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This letter is to the Turlock City Council, or a more accurate title would be, Turlock Pothole City Council.

Not surprisingly, Turlock tax payers said “no” to the absurd idea of a homeless camp in Turlock. The City Council has obviously allowed the huge problem of homeless in our town to become a much larger and growing problem. Some homeless are now filtering into Donnelly Park, a family park. The truth is, the city of Turlock is a homeless camp.

It was reported that the up-keep of a homeless camp in Turlock could be $5,000 a month — that’s $60,000 a year. Why not use these funds to begin repairing the degrading roads in Turlock instead of making little patch jobs here and there? Most roads in Turlock are scattered with pot holes and layered repair.

How much of our taxpayer money was spent on the bumpy yellow pads placed at some businesses and installed at the end of many sidewalks facing intersections? They are useless, annoying and many are already disintegrating

Exactly what do City Council members do to improve our city? It’s time the City Council members start spending our money on repairing our roads, as once promised.

— Ellen Swann