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Turlock’s Neo-Marxists

Most of us have watched the recent protests, riots, and looting across our nation with shock and awe. The wanton violence and deliberate anarchy have left us asking ourselves, “is this really happening in 21st century America?” Incredulous, we wonder why anyone would attack law enforcement and hurl Molotov cocktails at police barricades.

Like many, I’ve found a measure of solace in the veneer of protection we enjoy by living in a small town. The ransacking of businesses and execution-type shootings of deputy sheriffs occur in volatile metropolitan environments, not here in the Central Valley.

But, recent events by Turlock City Council members have shown that the big city ideology of grievance and retaliation is making its way here. Certain members of our city council have openly voiced support for the organization Black Lives Matter. By their own proclamation, this group seeks to advance a Marxist agenda, redistribute the wealth, affirm transgenderism, and dismantle the western nuclear family. Much of the hideous savagery aired on the nightly news can be attributed directly to BLM protesters and their sympathizers.

On the surface, we’re constantly assured by the liberal pundits that this is about racial equity and justice. Everyone after all, deserves a fair shake no matter what the color of their skin. But a cursory investigation shows that there’s something more going on. It’s called Neo-Marxism, or even Cultural Marxism. It’s about government confiscating property and resources from one class of people and redistributing it to another, all in the name of “social justice.”

In classical Marxism the aggrieved worker deserved society’s protection from the exploitive capitalist. But in Neo-Marxism the scope of victimhood is greatly expanded. Now any group considered marginalized or disadvantaged by leftist ideology becomes the “oppressed.” Their oppressors are no longer the evil industrialists of years past, they are now anyone who has benefited from the pillars of western society. White heterosexual males, this especially means you.

Neo-Marxism is the philosophy driving these homicidal upheavals across the nation. It’s not about color; it’s about class. And now many of these protesters shamelessly call their thuggery “revolution,” as they openly identify with communist insurgents around the world.

But alarmingly, the ideology is now a local problem. Not only have certain Turlock City Council members endorsed BLM, they are taking affirmative steps to codify their Neo-Marxist goals into our municipal expenditures. One council member recently launched “The Westside Revitalization Plan,” which diverts critical city funds to a utopian solution for homelessness. It establishes a tent city, transitions the “disenfranchised” to small homes, and then pays them to move into rent free houses. The State of California has literally poured billions of dollars into homeless initiatives while the problem only intensifies. But apparently, a more aggressive entitlement program here in Turlock with our local funds will do what California could not.

This is Cultural Marxism coming to Turlock. Confiscate from the “haves,” and redistribute it to the “have nots” through another unproven government program. Entitlements without strict accountability have never worked, and poverty keeps getting worse. Homelessness cannot be solved by taxiing some, and doling out to others. It requires moral accountability, a role for which the government is not well suited.

This upcoming election is critical for our community. Turlock better wake up. Our rural American way of life is under attack. We haven’t seen the riots and looting here yet, but the insidious philosophy driving this national upheaval is knocking at the door. 

I would strongly urge our local population to consider their vote for city council very carefully this November. The promised utopia of Marxist confiscation and redistribution has left a wide swath of destruction across the globe, from the old Soviet Union to modern day Venezuela. It always begins gradually at first, and then quite suddenly a nation finds itself completely bereft of those precious guarantees: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Cultural Marxism is now laying a foundation at Turlock City Hall through zealous disciples.

Napoleon Bonaparte, not necessarily a moral man, but certainly an astute one, said “The world suffers a lot. Not because the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of good people.” We need to vote, and we need act swiftly against this Marxist advance.

— Rob Monroe, pastor, Calvary Chapel Turlock